• How Nigerian Youths Have Repeatedly Dragged Nigeria In The Mud By Sharing Intimate Photos On Social Media [Photos]
    As the world is gradually being reduced to a global village, the use of social media and IT, especially among students, has taken a new dimension. Ordinarily, the media should be a source of educational highway to broaden the intellectual acumen. But is it so?  The eruption of technological advancement which was supposed to be of good benefit to Nigeria and the world at large has ironically turned into a turbulent situation with a lot of negative influence that could even break down the moral standards.
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    Social media basically includes Internet sites where people interact freely, share information and make social interactions with different people, using texts, pictures, videos and audio messaging. Social media depends on mobile and web-based technologies to create interactive platforms through which individuals and groups discuss, while making use of content generated from the web pages.

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    Parents and guardians all over the world have raised concerns over the negative impact the Internet is having on their children. Nigeria is no different to this assertion as parents are especially concerned with how media exposure and content may influence their children. Although, efforts to restrict the content of media influence have become more and more intensified, questions remain as to how effective those efforts have been. Different Nigerian youths have overstepped the boundaries and shared extremely intimate photos on different social sites. This, as a matter of fact is an example of the moral decadence the country faces due to the advent of social media. We have gathered some of the instances some youths took to their Facebook pages. Check them out below:
    3. Teddy Skitt

    Taking 4th position on my list for youths who have disgraced Nigeria on social media is Teddy Skitt. Going through Facebook, I came across a rather sad but viral post, where a Facebook user who goes by the name Teddy Skitt shared a short video. According to her bio, she lives in Port Harcourt but hails from Imo State. The young 14-year-old Nigerian girl decided to share ‘an after sxx video’ of her and her man on Facebook, where she proudly disclosed that her man “made her night”. The young girl captioned the video: “Good morning. Boo made my night. I lvve u baby”
    2. Taniah Nkrumah
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    As Nigerians would say, Taniah is a very beautiful well endowed lady. Taniah became known after she grabbed the attention of several Facebook users with her interesting pictures and postures. However, what got the Nigerian Facebook community buzzing was when the beautiful Taniah decided to welcome her boyfriend home.

    Here is what she said and I quote below; “Welcome home my lvve, all you need to do now is eat, shower, and after that, You fvvk something tight tonight. Lvve you baby.”
    1. Loveth Taniah Musa

    Taking the very first position is this very young girl, Loveth Musa. From all indications, she seems like a lovely and beautiful girl, a young innocent 15-year-old girl. But judging from the type of pictures she takes with her boyfriend, you can’t help but wonder. The Nigerian Facebook community went aflame when teenager unknowingly attempted to break the internet by sharing a picture of her ksssing her boyfriend on Facebook.

    The major reason why there were several debates on this teenager’s timeline is that many people are of the opinion that the girl in question is too young to have a boyfriend, not to even go as far as posting intimate pictures on social media. However, several others somehow seem to stand behind her and encourage/applaud her courage, saying that “everyone does it, why hide it?” It seems like her boyfriend, sorry, her teenage boyfriend is also brave too, as to when he decided to share it on his timeline and post this about her.

    Is this bravery or foolhardiness? These youths are not matured enough to start sharing pictures like this! This girl decided to share this pictures on social media without a single care given that day. These youths shared this photo on the social network, fully quite aware of the fact that Nigerians are not in support of pictures like this.
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    Of course, it has been accepted that one of the greatest and most useful discoveries of the late centuries with remarkable impact is the information the Internet contains  and it’s tremendous impact in today’s society. The growth of the Internet provides developing prospects for on-line information and to useful books for youths across the globe. The Internet is a global network of computer largely based on platforms of wireless communication which provides universal capacity of multi model, interactive communication in chosen time and transcending space. The Internet thus creates new ways for individuals to communicate, congregate and share information of their social life. It is obvious that the Internet has and will continue to change the way we live. How it has changed the way we live, and will continue to change our lives, is the reason for so many evolving discourse.
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    The Internet has moved our society forward and made accomplishing many tasks easier, but there are so many negative sides attached to its use. It has however introduced cyber-crime, addiction, diminished passion for academic excellence, neglect of cultural values, good behavioral norms. This is obvious in view of how much time and resources people spend hours playing on-line games, watching adult videos and even posting sensitive content like the ones cited above. A child or student who spends more time on the Internet more than he or she pays attention to studying will definitely fail in his educational or academic pursuit.
    A major detriment is the extent as to which teenagers use the cellular phone via browsing to establish secret contact with immoral act that could trample upon the future generation. They engage themselves in serious internet dangers, including exposure to sxxualized predators. Obviously, there are many things available on the Internet that should not be in the reach of young children. Unfortunately, the Internet does not have any hard and fast rule for that. A 5 year old kid can approach the content which only an 18+ is supposed to see. This leads to some kind of moral corruption. The more we use internet, the more our privacy is disturbed also.
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    Internet, however provides a room for online social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and many other influence on way of lives, student academic performance as well as professional activity. The emergence of mobile technologies has burdened the functionality and utility of the internet, thereby providing people with easy accessibility. It is only the uncultured Internet users that go online to deliberately engage in browsing immoral Internet content, which is a distraction from their educational carreers. These rapid changes in technology are helping shape the way people use and rely on the internet in their daily lives.
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    Despite all the benefits of these new technologies, it can be seen that the Internet can have a negative influence, especially in terms of its moral implications. It is therefore important for people to understand both the negative and positive effects of Internet so that we can respect the principles of our religious ideologies and maintain our dignity as Nigerians. Finally, when you are posting content on-line, make sure you are aware of what you are posting and also make sure your posts does not abuse or violate the rules and use of Internet. Remember, the Internet never forgets.

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