• [Celebrity Story] Legendary Singer, 2Face Idibia Has ESCAPED Death TWICE Before, See How It Happened (PHOTOS)

    Innocent Ujah Idibia, known to many as 2Face Idibia is a Nigerian Legend that will never be forgotten in the musical history of the nation.

    2Baba has never looked back since the release of his 2004 monster hit single, “African Queen”. But, with his early success came the fear that a young Innocent might not be alive young enough to enjoy the adulation of his fan base to its fullest.

    The singer has gone on to defy fate itself as he prides himself a cat with nine lives. If you met 2Baba today and asked him if he feels glad to be alive, his answer will surely be affirmative.


    This is because like a man with a target on his back, 2Face has escaped death a couple of time when it seemed so sure that the end was nigh for Nigeria’s first new-age music celeb.

    The first time 2baba came face-to-face with death was in early 2005 when he was seemingly at the beginning of what would go on to be a mega successful career.

    2005 Robbery Attack

    According to reports, 2Baba was in his house when armed robbers forced their way into his Festac residence at about 2.30am in the morning.

    The robbers who were ten in number came bearing crude weapons including machetes and daggers. According to eye witness reports, the robbers forced their way into the house after 2Baba and five others who were home with him refused to let them in.

    Upon breaking into the house, they proceeded to beat the superstar singer and the other occupants of the house silly using axes and sledgehammers whilst threatening to open fire on them if they refused to co-operate.

    In the process, they hit 2Baba on the neck with a battering ram leaving him with a broken neck whilst the singer’s brother who was also in the house was gashed in the chest with a machete.

    As earlier stated, there were five of them in the flat alongside 2Baba. Asides from his brother who was hit in the chest, another resident was machete in the arm, and another on his head

    According to 2Baba younger brother, Hyacinth, who was one of the five in the flat, their attackers were unkempt and displayed high levels of violence.

    He revealed that they broke walls, rooftops and windows to gain access to their flat.

    In total, they carted away 7 mobile phones and an undisclosed amount of money.

    The robbery occurred at a time when Idibia’s first studio album “Face 2 Face” was enjoying critical acclaim selling over a million copies at the time.

    The singer had also recently purchased a Lincoln Navigator, an especially luxurious vehicle back then. It remained untouched by the robbers.

    Following the robbery which lasted for an hour, the singer and others injured were rushed to hospital which would later be besieged by fans as the nation held bated breath waiting for news on 2Baba’s health.

    He would go on to make a full recovery in the end.

    While 2Baba was understandably shaken up by the event, it was seen by many as a one-off event. If only they knew….

    2007 Robbery

    While 2Baba was lucky to be left with just a neck spasm during the robbery of his home in 2005, he was not so lucky when he was waylaid in 2007.

    On October 4, 2007, the singer was left in critical condition after he was shot several times by unknown gunmen whilst riding along with a couple of friends in Lagos.

    The singer had just returned from London where he had just won the “Best African Act” award at the 12th edition of the MOBO Awards.

    Riding alongside Idibia in the car was Ifeanyi Odogwu, brother to Idibia’s former band member, Faze.

    Describing the incident afterwards, Ifeanyi revealed that they were attacked by assailants with locally made guns.

    Their attackers who were three in number had approached their vehicle, a Honda Bullet requesting that the doors be opened. Then the unthinkable happened….

    In a bid to open the door and make sense of what was going on, 2Baba was fired upon by the assailant close to his door multiple times.

    Luckily for the singer, he had his laptop on his thighs which prevented the bullets from having full impact and penetration.

    At that point, 2Baba fully aware of what was going on bravely beckoned to the occupants of the vehicle to take to their heels yelling, “Run, Run….”

    "All I can remember is that at Cele Bus Stop along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway in Lagos we suddenly started hearing 'Open' 'Open'. In an attempt by 2Face to open the door the man who had a locally made gun opened fire on him. 2Face himself started shouting 'Run Run'," Ifeanyi explained to journalist, Ayeni Adekunle who covered the story when it broke.

    Ifeanyi was not lucky enough as he was hit with a stray bullet from one of the robbers as he tried escaping.

    "We didn’t know what was happening. I was shocked. But I ran, and took the car keys with me", he would later reveal.

    2Baba was not so lucky though as a total of 22 bullets had been lodged into his body by the robbers whom some quarters have referred to as hired assassins.

    He was rushed to Cedar Group Hospital at Festac Town where he underwent surgery to extract all the bullets as Nigerians fervently prayed for his recovery.

    Following successful surgery, 2Baba was fit enough to speak to the press on October 8, 2007, four days after the robbery.

    "I thank God. ‘Cos I know it’s not luck. The bullet could have hit me somewhere more dangerous. So I really thank God, and I’m really trying to understand what he’s trying to tell me with this incident" said 2face Idibia.

    Continuing in his statement, he said, "We didn’t know it was robbers. We even thought it was a car trying to ram into us. It was not until I saw the gun, and heard the shot that I realized what they wanted. So I told my guy, let’s find our way o… these guys mean business. I didn’t even know the bullet hit me. It was while we were running, that my left leg started failing me, that I realized what had happened."

    "It’s really sad; that people would allow frustration lead them into doing such things.ylliX - Online Advertising Network There are people on the road, selling stuff, trying so hard to make it. Nothing comes easy in life; you’ve just got to keep trying. I pray they’ll convert all the energy they use to organize those attacks into doing positive things that’ll help their lives." he concluded

    Here’s to Innocent Ujah Idibia, our very own African superstar with nine lives! Long may he live!! NOTHING DEY HAPPEN!!!

    2Baba - Nfana Ibaga

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