• [Hot Gist] (The Missing Of T-Blaize) I NEVE NEVER R WENT TO GHANA WITH T-BLAIZE AND NERO SPARKZ - Pakmi Reveals


    There has been news circulating on the social media that T-Blaize (EkomObong James) aka "Majikal" went to Ghana in the company of his music producing colleagues PAKMI (Aniekan Boniface) and NERO SPARKZ ( Uwem Udofia).

    According to the report, T-Blaize was invited to Lagos by the duo on April 26, 2021 and going by that information, it was stated that the duo led EkomObong James (Majikal) to Ghana from Lagos, Nigeria.

    The information went further to state that on the 29th of April 2021, Majikal did a secret SOS video to an undisclosed close friend at home (Nigeria ), showing a handful of guys who were ready to perform a certain ritual.

    According to the report, majikal was seen crying in the video and calling for help so that he could get out of there but the guys struggled the phone with him and the call ended and the report assumes his phone was collected after that.

    The report also has it that, majikal's girlfriend (undisclosed) claims that Aniekan Boniface "PAKMI" had called her severally to take down the post she made concerning the whereabout of her boyfriend ( majikal) .

    The report also has it that in the morning of May 19th 2021, majikal's girlfriend (undisclosed) claims she got a call from the suspects ( no particular name mentioned) for her to speak to her boyfriend ( majikal ) but they ended the call on her abruptly. The report also has it that "Majikal is being held so that he will not expose them and their evil deeds".

    The report ended with "We the entire friends and family of EkomObong called PAKMI but he threatened to use his lawyers at us. It is our business to get to the root of this matter because EkomObong is our own brother and friend and we must get to the bottom of this".

    Further investigation by Rockland House Tv reporter Kelly Phasey, revealed that the said EkomObong's girl friend is one HRM Queen Blessing Peter who actually made a post with the photos of PAKMI and NERO SPARKZ urging them to produce EKOMOBONG.

    In a bid to gather more reliable information, Kelly Phasey contacted PAKMI through through a video call and on his Facebook handle (PAKMI Edem) and according to him, he said ;

    "I was in Lagos and on the 17th of April 2021, T-BLAIZE and NERO SPARKZ came to me and T-BLAIZE asked me to help him deliver some documents to his cousin that they (T-Blaize & Nero SPARKZ) wants to go to Ghana and hustle and that I should help them with some money for transportation and also give them some contacts over there. I helped them with some money and they both left for Ghana. I DID NOT GO WITH THEM TO GHANA. After two weeks, T-BLAIZE called me and told me he is not feeling too well, that he is asthmatic and that he wants to come back, that I should send him some money to pay his way back. In the process of looking for money to send to him, NERO SPARKZ called me and informed me that T-BLAIZE slumped and they rushed him to the hospital but he has been confirmed dead in the hospital. I have all the voice recording of my conversation with T-BLAIZE's cousin and his father and they confirmed the he was an asthmatic patient and that no one is to blame for his death".

    He went further to say; " People who doesn't know the true story are calling me to threaten me. I even have a voice recording of his girlfriend who called to threaten me and a lot of write ups from people I don't even know. I never followed any of them to Ghana, I was in Nigeria when they left and I have been speaking with late EkomObong's father up till date , I have all my evidences".

    PAKMI refuted ever asking majikal's girlfriend to take down the post and in a further telephone conversation, he said " I blame NERO SPARKZ for all this, he shouldn't have deactivated his Facebook because he is making everything look suspicious. NERO SPARKZ actually came back to Lagos and way billed Majikal's belongings to the cousin but I have not met him since then because his phone line is always off since then".

    On if he threatened to use his lawyer against anyone, PAKMI said "Yes I told one guy who called me to threatened me pretending to be a police officer that I was going to send his voice recording to my lawyer".

    As at the time of filling this report, every attempt to get to NERO SPARKZ has proved abortive and his Facebook handle has been deactivated and phone numbers not reachable.

    Kelly Phasey later contacted majikal's girlfriend ( HRM Blessing Peter) to hear her own side of the story, but as at the time of this report, she has not dropped any information yet except that she insisted to meet up with the reporter so she could show him some evidences in her possession.

    Since the reporter isn't in the same town with her currently, he hopes to get reasonable information from her as soon as possible.

    With the present realities, an autopsy would really help in solving this mystery but while we wait for that, it will be unjust to accuse anyone without tangible evidences.


    The 2 suspect  PAKMI & NEROSPARK 👇

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