• [Hot Gist] Queen Esther Bernard Reveals What She's Passing Through Since She Was Crown Face Of Ibom Christmas Celebration2020/2021

    Until a young girl die again!!!

    Good evening everyone , I'm Queen Esther Bernard , An Annag first Daughter(ikot ekpene ) the dethroned Queen Face Of Ibom Christmas Celebration2020/2021 organized by ministry of culture and tourism Akwa Ibom State powered by Huk Entertainment.

    On the 5th of may 2021 huk entertainment services made a press release which I was relieved of my duties as the first of ibom Christmas celebration and that I'm no longer the face of ibom Christmas celebration which implied I was dethroned which came as a surprise because I was not away of the press release .

    Many of you might wonder why I decided to be

    Quite about the issues ..

    But yet I have to speak out if not any thing for my Image , reputation as a girl child .

    Dr PST Abel Damina once said leadership is not about control , but service; its not about power but empowerment , it not about manipulation but inspiration.

    The greatest tragedy that can happen to any individual is not to live long but to live a live without fulfilling its purpose .

    On the 31th December I contested for the first of ibom Christmas celebration which I won and was crowned the new face of ibom Christmas celebration 2020/2021 and i was given a car on stage which was said to be the star price which most of us are aware but imedicately after the event the said star price was sized from me by the organizer and I was told it going to be with the organizer weeks later I was given a contract to sign which after reading the contract it was too one-sided and the contact too away my personal freedom and choices and my boss huk henry called me and told me that if I'm to work with him I have to live in the same apartment with him . I rejected the contract and the offer to live with him. I believe an organizer or an organization is supposed to protect the interest of his brand ambassador but I found myself in a brand I can't boost of my safety as a girl child Cus of several abuse trait. My advice to any girl child ,model and beauty Queen is please before going to any pageant do a good research about it so you won't fall a victim of what I'm facing ..

    Below is the contract that was given to me by huk entertainment service weeks after I won the pageant .

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