The Song “Goal Digger refers to a man  who seeks to better his or her life and the lives of those around them. They do not use people for personal materialistic gain. Infact, you want to surround yourself with goal diggers because they often serve as a means of inspiration.

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"King Roso & Stein. While "Comytush", The R&B Diva Coming In On This Sound With Amazing Vocals. Prospects To Be Reckoned With. 
"Maestro Music"... the vocal passion!


King Roso - Verse 1

Goal Digging
Just tryna figure our soul rhythm 
Best of the best and it's so fitting 
That we all come align get to goal digging 

Blown feeling 
All over the beat get a blown feeling 
House on fire 
Stars are aligning see this is what maestro desires. 

Many know me I'm a goal digger 
Irrespective my tag as an old sinner 
You don't know me I'm a gold singer 
I'm still hassling with life for a bright future. 

Many odd years I've invested 
But continuously I'm being tested
So the King does his best with the beat in his chest so I can get a crest when I'm rested 

I've seen Nadir and I've been slimmer
I've been gasping for air like a gold digger 
Stuck in the mines I've been stuck in my mind 
Hanging on to believe that I'll grow bigger 

Nobody know we the goal diggers
Been deploying decoy runs to foil keepers
Maestro been digging and Stein he been digging 
you don't know me yet I'm the gold nigga


Maestro splittin' defence for that goal
Gotta know
Hands is freakin' dirty but drip cleaner than your soul
Tunnel vision got a nigga looking through a scope
Through a scope (2x)

Stein - Verse 2

I need me a goal digger
Not a hoe figure or some groupie
Fuck me over then say that they knew me
When I got no Louis or Gucci
Walking round with an L like Luigi
This truth raw as hell like sushi. Yeah
Reason why i only knot ties with like minds and cut off bad vibes as it should be
Damn I'm on fire bro
And i need a chic to keep this fire hoe
So listen to me if you sticking to me
like a gecko cause of the ego then you gotta go
Running temperature got that gold fever
Talk like I walk I'm a bold spitter
Stacking up quids but I'm no quitter
So call me what you want I'm a goal digger

She a goal digger
I'm a goal digger
You a goal digger
We all goal diggers
I'm a goal digger
She a goal digger

Comytush - Verse 3

U ain’t got me baby 
I should not repeat this 
You do do do
I don’t need no gold 
You ain’t gotta show me
I don’t wanna know
I don’t want no story
Don’t u take it slow
No guts, no glory
Amma goal digger 
U a slow nigga 
Amma show naked
U can’t go deeper 
I want gold 
U want more 
But u broke nigga
M no hoe nigga!